Apple’s iPhones are beyond doubt the devices one could dub as kings of smartphone category. Even the world’s best devices may also have certain areas where they may lag well behind their competitor therefore; Apple is not an exception either. However, iPhone 8 is believed to win the competition against both Google and Microsoft.

Now what exactly and how many are the areas where Apple may be lagging behind its rivals and competitors is hard to say but one thing is pretty sure; the company’s upcoming iPhone 8 could make the real change, could  alter all that.

For their respective devices, both Microsoft and Google have unique feature i.e. facial recognition namely ‘Windows Hello’ and ‘Face Unlock to which, Apple currently caters with facial recognition. According to reports, a deal among Apple and firm PrimeSense, a 3D sensor tech Israeli-based firm has already been signed since 2013. The deal is said to be worth $350 million and finally it’s time for Apple to make use of the same acquisition.

Apple may now be thinking beyond mere camera technology that they have been heavily relying upon since long and we may soon see AR or so called 3D photos or videos technology in iPhone 8. Touch ID, Pin-Code methods used for protection may now be replaced by ‘gesture’ and ‘emotion’ recognition, instead of facial recognition.

It is also believed that for the upcoming iPhone 8 smartphone’s “Plus” version, Apple plans to introduce an OLED display; an essential feature for possible dual-edge display.

‘Eearpiece,’ ‘FaceTime’ camera, and ‘Touch ID’ sensor (embedded into the display) are few of the expected features coming with the iPhone 8.

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