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iPhone leaks: leaked images shows iPhone 8 have vertical camera setup and LED display


Apple announced to release its smartphone on the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. So, we have to wait for about three months for the Apple flagship iPhone 8. Apple is well known brand in all over the world, the Apple is known for the innovative ideas and unique products.

Now at this time, customers of the iPhone are waiting for the release of the iPhone. They are expecting the new feature and design from the latest flagship iPhone 7 Plus. Apple has to make new design to compete in the market as the Samsung Galaxy S8 bezel less display and feature and other competitors. Game changer Apple is adding up a new design and features for its upcoming iPhone.1 of 2  

Apple has time to upgrade the iPhone 8 features until the announced time for the release. We are finding day by day new leaks and rumors about the iPhone and have a rough ideahow will look the iPhone 8 and its features. We have lots of rumors but no one confirmation from the Apple offices. Today we have leaked images showing the iPhone with vertical camera setup.

The iPhone 8 has button free front facade. Apple is going to experiment with the LED display in iPhone 8 that is the major change from the company. It is expected the iPhone is expected to have 3D camera sensors. The smartphone comes with wireless charging. According to the report, the device is glass buildup that allows users to charge the phone by connecting the wireless charger.

The iPhone is coming to the higher screen to body ratio than Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. Apple focused on the hardware in this for the iPhone 8. Let’s see how much the iPhone is same as the expectations of the users. You can share your thoughts with us by leaving the comments in the comments section given below!


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