Users of iPhone 8 continuously reporting smartphone battery problems around the world specially from China. Cupertino fails to maintain quality of the smartphone, but some of users and reviewers think its just because of third party accessories ” the charging wire”. Although all was going in favor of Apple with the release of the iPhone 8 series.

The company works alot on this year smartphone, successful to innovating facial recognition system to unlock smartphone, that upgrade the fingerprint reader to unlock the smartphone. On the other hand, OLED displays beautify the smartphone and of course need to admire powerful processors. The only fault that the iPhone 8 is facing its swollen batteries and the team is already working on it.

iPhone 8 29 740x450 iPhone 8 is facing battery malfunction, a lady reported iPhone 8 battery destroy the back with a cracking sound

So,folks, if you remember Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, initially some of the users reported its explosive batteries and then company start facing complaints of explosive batteries of the smartphone over the globe. That was due to the smartphone thin skin, that directly undue constraints on the battery. Soon, the smartphone was declared as a safety hazard. Its seems the history is repeating with similar type of cases, but now this time, the Cupertino is front of the us with poor quality of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus batteries.

IPHONE 001 1024 iPhone 8 is facing battery malfunction, a lady reported iPhone 8 battery destroy the back with a cracking sound

According to the report:

A Chinese woman, Xiaomin, got her father’s 64GB iPhone 8 recently. She plugged it in for charging overnight and went to sleep. When she woke up in the morning, she saw smoke coming out of the device, with the iPhone 8 burnt and emitting ‘cracking’ sounds. Not making the most sensible decision, Xiaomin then poured water on her phone and turned off the power socket. This didn’t stop either the smoke or the noises. She left for work and upon returning took pictures of her device and contacted Apple. While Cupertino hasn’t responded yet, Xiaomin hopes that the iPhone 8 in question will be replaced, as repairs look to be out of the question.

Earlier on this, we heard a lot reports about the battery swelling and battery malfunction, but the report shared with you about the explosion of the battery is changed. What do you think what will the factor the smartphone facing bad reputation? Share your views with us by leaving comments in the comments section given below!

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