There we go again with more rumors and more leaks surrounding Apple iPhone 8 and according to fresh leaks, the Flagship Smartphone brings us Optical Fingerprint Recognition. Claims about expensive ‘OLED display’ further excite the iPhone lovers.

apple iphone 8 design makersofiphone iPhone 8: Fresh Leak Ensures Optical Fingerprint Recognition Feature; OLED Display Guaranteed Too

Rumor mongers had had a busy day today since they kept on updating us on the upcoming device constantly; leaving the readers wondering whether what possible features are left for poor Apple to unveil themselves. Anyway, what if the proposed device is not arriving till September this year, it’s specs, features and leaked images are likely to reach us regularly, for sure.

The newest details derived from the newest leaks are good enough for everyone to further know about the device, including fresh ‘potential price tag.’ If it goes the way rumors suggest, Apple uses the OLED, and thus the iPhone 8 would cost more than one may have expected; OLED is certainly one expensive display.

Apparently, today’s leaked information not only contains kind of in depth information about the iPhone 8, the diverse leaked data confirms several of the past claims made by various secret sources. As mentioned above, in case of shifting to the OLED displays, the device comes at a $1000 price tag; and who knows where it stays finally, below this or even beyond.

Increase in the expected price looks logical since Apple would like the end users to share the burden of displays, costing much as compared to LCDs. Looking at the leaked images both past and fresh the device seems to carry virtually non-existent bezels are there for the viewing. Lumentum corporation-manufactured 3D Sensors are also expected coming with Apple iPhone 8 application of which still remains a mystery.

We learn further that iPhone is thinking in terms of replacing traditional side buttons with sensitive pressure inlays, cool indeed. If dual camera feature is not that appealing, Optical Fingerprint Recognition for sure is, making iPhone 8 all the more attractive.


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