Samsung has reportedly been nudged by Apple to be the main supplier of the iPhone 8’s flexible OLED panels. Mass incorporation of the display will also need the intercession of another supplier that lives in Japan. Canon Tokki and all 343 of its employees have spent more than 20 years perfecting the machinery that it takes to create OLED panels. Canon Tokki seems to be having production backlog issues even after they had doubled their output during this year which means that the manufacturer would have to cover up for many of their clients.

iPhone 8 IPhone 8 exhibiting an OLED display relies greatly on a new supplier
IPhone 8

Since the company sells more IPhones than any other manufacturer, they may not be capable of covering up production with Apple entering the field. If Canon Tokki wanted to obtain a machine for substantial output, it would take two years to make and would cost almost $85 million. Time is something that Apple does not have on hand right now. Chief Executive Officer Teruhisa Tsugami stated that the manufacturer is doing his best to reduce the total waiting time: “We are doing all we can to increase output and make that wait shorter.”

Apple apparently partnered up with the LG company for the production of OLED panels. The company is making an effort to have as many suppliers in the OLED production as possible because their numbers will profoundly impact whether the coming IPhone will exhibit the new display. It will give Apple a sizeable amount of control considering price negotiations. The introduction of OLED will convey that the manufacture will have more control on designs of future phones. The IPhone 8 is anticipated to feature a massive design remodel. The flexible OLED panel will significantly contribute to this element considering the flexible plastic will be able to take on a number of shapes. It seems Apple is reaching out to as many suppliers as possible to make the IPhone 8 a game-changer in the coming year.

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