When it comes to have an iPhone 8 smartphone with a never-seen-before kind of feature i.e. wireless charging, everyone gets excited by the idea for a while; our minds though soon stop day-dreaming owing to the fact that rumors are rumors. However, now it looks that apparently Claims About Wireless Charging Feature seem to have reasons.

35061 witricity teaser iPhone 8: Aapparently Claims About Wireless Charging Feature SeemTo Have Reasons

Putting all the past back and forth aside start rethinking about possibility of wireless charging feature coming with next-generation Apple smartphone. Earlier, we overheard people saying  it will be exciting feature though but the same will be long-range kind of facility i.e. effective enough to charge the handset maximum from across the room wall.

It was also rumored that ‘some type’ of wireless feature will be found in entire three 2017 iPhone models but under the light of latest rumors these claims seem to be untrue; the feature in question is likely to be found in iPhone 8 only.

iPhone 8 Release Date 766368 iPhone 8: Aapparently Claims About Wireless Charging Feature SeemTo Have Reasons

Listening to rumors is one thing but believing or trusting them is entirely a different matter since rumors are mere rumors therefore; one should only look forward to trustworthy sources; especially when flagship smartphone iPhone 8 is involvedTake KGI Securities analyst for instance, who ensures us about a particular move Apple just made. 

Ming-Chi Kuo reports that one among other new iPhone 8 features is the handset’s glass-sandwich design. Its stainless steel ‘mid-section’ is meant to join the front and back glass, claims Ming-Chi. The analyst, like almost every reliable source(s) strongly believes that Apple’s move to replace aluminum with glass (particularly for rear part of the handset) ensures that company is finally embracing newest technology; wireless charging technology.

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To further strengthen the possibility of highly useful and much coveted rather convenient Wireless Charging Feature, here’s another proof and that is; Wireless Power Consortium have a new member –  Apple. That’s true guys and thus Claims About Wireless Charging look all true.