Right now, a private video is getting viral over the wire and the same is about the dramatic recovery of an iPhone 7 handset. However, what makes the video all the more interesting is the fact; the smartphone was absolutely in working condition; even after 13-hour-long stay in a frozen river.

Via: youtube.com

The incident occurred in a Russian city named Yakutsk whereby, a local resident somehow dropped his handset accidentally. The phone, an iPhone 7 Plus ended up drowned  deep inside an ice fishing hole and despite lot of effort, the owner failed to retrieve his phone.

Failing to pull it out of the hole, the owner reportedly left for home leaving the phone there overnight. He shared the unexpected mishap with a friend who, dived into the frozen water in morning hours and eventually his multiple efforts paid off; the phone was finally retrieved.

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The diver, Fedor, shared the amazing video of the entire activity on his Instagram account to perhaps, prove that the iPhone Plus was indeed underwater. Anyway, to the maximum satisfaction of the owner, he found absolutely no trouble to turn the handset on; even though it spent 13 long hours in the frozen water!

The video further proves that no external damage was done to the phone in any other way while out of total 35 percent, 19 percent battery charge was still evident.

Note: iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus handsets are not Waterproof as Apple has ‘Never Claimed’ so; they are however, highly water resistant. The owner is thus one lucky guy that his smartphone remained totally harmless. On the other hand the incident must have done good enough to take iPhone 7 Plus’ ranks a Bit Higher!!!

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