As the time is changing, standards for measuring a smartphone speed have also drastically changed. A smartphone’s speed is now tested in different ways instead of just looking at the boot time. Over the past couple of years, the testers have devised a new way of testing the speed of a smartphone through which its true potential is tested and if a smartphone lacks in an area, the flaw is easily captured. To get started, with this new kind of speed tests, testers have decided a list of apps that they open in quick succession and note the time of loading every one of them takes. Secondly, the apps are closed and then opened up again to see which one of them is the fastest to recall apps from memory.

How to Speed Up your Android Smartphone OnePlus 5 beats iPhone 7 Plus in a speed test   The new speed testing mechanism shows the real speed winners

New Champs Declared

With this new speed testing mechanism, many of the champs of the past have been brought down and many became the new champs. Surprisingly, an Android smartphone has replaced the top position holder iPhone in the race. The results may be astonishing for the iPhone lovers as the Apple’s flagship has always kept the ‘World’s Fastest Smartphone’ title and the latest results are somehow embarrassing for them to acknowledge.

OnePlus 5 The New Winner

oneplus5imaginedwithall glassdesignandip68rating 18 1489836523 OnePlus 5 beats iPhone 7 Plus in a speed test   The new speed testing mechanism shows the real speed winners

As per the latest reports which came out on the past Tuesday, OnePlus 5 has emerged as the newest winner out of this latest speed test and the iPhone has finally been pushed to the second position. The OnePlus 5 was brought for a face off with the iPhone’s current flagship offering, the iPhone 7 Plus and the results were totally surprising. Though the iPhone took the lead in the first step when all the apps were loaded but in the next round when recalling the apps was the task, OnePlus 5’s whopping 8GB RAM blew iPhone away. Ultimately, OnePlus 5 was crowned to be the king. To witness more, watch this video:

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