Samsung has experienced harsh criticism on account of the battery detonating issues of the Galaxy Note 7. Users of the now defunct handset were encountering extreme issues with battery overheating and explosions as well.

Presently, it appears a similar issue has begun affecting users of the iPhone 6 Plus.

plutus91503 iPhone 6 Plus bursts into flames and owner demands answers from Apple


What Really Happened

A lady who lives in Palm Harbor, Florida, has disclosed that her iPhone 6 Plus burst into flames in the night. She described her fear to WFLA, narrating that she woke up during the night because of the fire. It appears that she was very fortunate to have woken up before the fire got out of control.

Luckily, Bentz’s husband woke up as well and was successful in covering the flames with his shirt. But parts of their draperies and cushions were seared because of the fire. The couple has requested answers from Apple for what could have been an extreme accident.

Coincidentally, a man living right down the road from Bentz likewise reported problems with his iPhone 6 Plus. Greg Micelli said that he was not able charge his cell phone at night and when he woke up in the morning he saw his phone’s battery was completely bloated. But in this situation the battery did not burst into flames.

MAIN iPhone catches fire on flight iPhone 6 Plus bursts into flames and owner demands answers from Apple


An Isolated Incident?

In December, it was accounted for that a Shanghai-based consumer group complained about the battery of iPhone 6 cell phones which they stated led to blasts in eight of the devices.

At the time, Apple asserted that these occurrences were because of the outer state of the phones and not because of any deformities in the batteries.

Replacing The Battery Of An iPhone Might Result In A Faster Performing Device

iphone6 1 iPhone 6 Plus bursts into flames and owner demands answers from Apple


Before this, in November 2016, it was accounted for that a pregnant Australian lady endured extreme burns on her arm when she fell asleep on top of her iPhone 7. Apple had stated at the time that the reason behind the overheating issues could be the utilization of third-party applications.

It would be a good idea for users of Apple’s gadgets to stay alert and to abstain from sleeping with their phones on their beds at night. It would likewise be helpful to consult Apple straightforwardly with respect to any issues that the users might confront until the organization issues an update to eliminate these issues.