Apple would keep us in wait a bit longer for the iPad Pro 2.

It took us by surprise when a device known as the iPad Pro equipped with a blockbuster 12.9-inch screen, quad speakers and a super-quick processor chip was unveiled in 2015.

It is expected that this March might showcase yet another better but smaller 9.7-inch version of the iPad Pro.

All of us are looking ahead to witness the release of the new iPad Pro 2 for 2017. So many questions about so many things.

It was rumoured by Wei Feng, a Chinese site, reporting that the pad might appear to public in March 2017 alongside the Apple Pencil 2.

Some reports even guess that since Apple has a tradition of introducing two brands simultaneously, it might unveil two Pro brands into a single update.

Some leaked or rumoured features of the new gadget are outlined below:

Foldable iPad

Apple is thinking about unveiling the idea of a foldable iPhone, strictly following the concept of earlier versions.

Bezel-free screen

Macotakara guesses that the iPad Pro 2 will have a bezel-free screen with no Home button. The bezel might be removed from the bottom of the iPad Pro, apparently removing the Home button, and integrating Touch ID into the screen itself.

Thicker design

The same source claims that the model’s display might be 12.9-inch wide and 3mm thicker than its earlier version.

AppleInsider has received two photos from anonymous reader that have been published.

Screenshot 8 3 iPad Pro 2   release date, rumored specs and wish list


However, it is generally impossible to deduce anything concrete about the device from the images.

Along with the leaked features, there is a wish list that is expected to be part of the model, as reportedly the earlier versions have disappointed its users.

Some features are wished to be seen ahead in the March.

More (smaller) Home screen icons

At present you are allowed to keep 20 app icons or folders), plus six in the Dock, like we had on the 9.7-inch iPads. So it won’t make any difference. Since there is extra space on the screen, one would prefer to have a grid of 5×6 icons, along with seventh in the Dock.

iPad Pro 2 wishlist: iOS 10

We also look forward to see the model pre-installed with iOS 10. This latest OS is equipped with 100 new and updated features, so it can be expected that Apple will bring it on iPad Pro2.

iPad Pro 2 wishlist: Processor

We would wish to see A10X, a version of A10 Fusion processor that is fitted in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

iPad Pro 2 wishlist: Design & display

Various guesses have gained popularity that the iPad Pro 2 will show an OLED or a flexible AMOLED display. Both are probable cases.

Nevertheless, the analysis is based on speculations which claim that Apple must feature outstanding specs in the upcoming versions otherwise it will loose the market very quickly.


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