Google announces a new update version 56 for iOS that provides QR scanner and updated tab switcher for iPad users.

Google is doing a lot for Apple. After Android, iOS has become an eye candy of the search engine to release new updates in quite a succession. Earlier, we saw it making a code for iOS open sourced to expedite the process of Apple’s inclusion into Chromium community.


Screenshot 2 1 iOS lovers to enjoy QR scanner and updated tab switcher layout   Chrome 56 to make it possible for youvia:

Now the latest update is in the same code that entitles the recent update as version 56. The feature will enable the iOS user to enjoy a new 3D Touch-activated QR scanner and a redesigned tab switcher layout for the iPad lovers.

The new version 56 (56.0.2924.79) includes a facility that can be used for scanning any QR code by using the 3D touch on the app logo or through searching ‘QR’ in Spotlight.

Secondly, the tab switcher layout has been redesigned to  make it more convenient for the users to access the open sites.

How to access the QR scanner?

The built-in scanner can be accessed with the help of app’s 3D Touch menu on iPhone 6s and above devices. Those who use older iPhones or devices like iPad or iPod touch can find “QR” in iOS Spotlight to avail itself of the feature.

Screenshot 4 1 iOS lovers to enjoy QR scanner and updated tab switcher layout   Chrome 56 to make it possible for you


It is no denying a fact that code readers have become a very common yet very effective feature that is tried to be possessed by every smart technology.

On can find it in any relatively good OS. In this regard, Google offers its exclusive feature of built-in QR code that can scan even UPC codes.

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Another notable feature in this update contains various bug fixes and improvement boosters. These drive the browser more faster and safer.


The browsing speed increases by as much as 28 percent; similarly, on can secure the e-mail IDs and contact numbers from inside the web pages by just tapping on them.

This particular step hints at the Google’s potential interest in improving the browser’s speed as mush as possible.