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iOS 11 updates for AirPods, Users can change tracks with a double tap without asking Siri


There was a lot of criticism toward the AirPods, which was its lack the functionality of a cable or even a remote control.

For many users, it was absurd to ask Siri to change the AirPods volume. At the same time, the music can be paused by tapping the earphones instead of activating Siri. The user simply has to configure the command accordingly in the Bluetooth settings on the iPhone.

We are well acquainted with the EarPods with the wire headphones, where you can adjust the volume and change between the tracks. The new iOS bring many improve and new features, where AirPods also receive some new features. Apple released iOS 11 updates at WWDC. In addition, developers have now access to the new the gestures.Also read: Google Assistant VS Siri VS CortanaWhen your AirPods are connected with iPhone, In the Bluetooth settings now you will see a new double tap option left or right. This allows you to switch the track back and forth, or pause music playback or resume playback. These updates should make the AirPods gestures more pleasant. Soon the AirPods will be able to skip forwards and backwardsbetween tracks with a simple double tap of either earpiece, thanks to an additional setting Apple is providing in iOS 11.


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