Over the past couple of years we have seen different companies try their best at making smart glasses. But all of them failed at making something usable. Same was the case with the Google Glasses and Snap Spectacles. But it looks like Intel is here with something new.

intel vault smart glasses Intels Vaunt Smartglasses Might Just Be The Future Of Wearable Tech

These new glasses made by Intel are known as Vaunt. The Vaunt smart glasses are no different from a regular set of glasses. That also weights in around 50 grams with no camera on board. The Vaunt smart glasses also works with both prescription and non-prescription lenses.

So what makes the Vaunt smart glasses so special? Well aside from being a regular pair of glasses. The Vaunt smart glasses comes equipped with a set of low powered class on lasers. There is also a processor, Bluetooth, compass and an accelerometer on board as well.

The laser on the Vaunt according to Intel is ”so low-power that it’s at the very bottom end of a class one laser’’. The red laser on the Vaunt does all the job, which can emit an image of 400 x 150 pixels into your eyes. This image can help you do a lot of different things like remembering someone’s birthday, sending notifications or giving you different suggestion depending on the area you are in.

Intel Vaunt Smart Glasses 1 Intels Vaunt Smartglasses Might Just Be The Future Of Wearable Tech

Intel also have future plans for Vaunt. Which can includes things like a microphone, letting you access assistant like Siri or Alexa. But as for the current model the functionality is limited to a few gestures including a simple nod of the head. But Intel wants their smart glasses to fit into your life naturally.

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The Vaunt from Intel is still in its developmental stages, so don’t except it to arrive anytime soon. But still Intel’s version of what smart glasses should be like represents the best application yet. What do you think?