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Intel’s Upcoming Coffee Lake Platform Will Be Based on The Z370 Chipset

Intel's Coffee Lake Platform

When Intel was focusing on the launch of its new X299 platform. A representative on the motherboard manufacturing side also confirmed something other than the current Intel Core X series. Where the representative confirmed that we should expect Intel’s 8th Gen Coffee Lake processor to arrive in Q4 2017. This new Coffee Lake series from Intel will also be using a new Intel Z370 socket.

This came up as the representative tried to catch the attention of its users by saying. That users should pay attention on what Intel is offering currently with its new X299 platform. As the upcoming Intel 8th Gen processors are still a long way ahead. According to the representative “Some of you might have heard from many resources that Intel will launch Z370. But it will be in Q4, I’m supposed not to say it… Please focus on Z270.”

If this announcement about Intel’s new Coffee Lake platform is true. Then we should expect it to come somewhere in between the months from October to December. The representative also said that “We’ve made great progress on getting this product ready for market later on this year. And in fact we expect to see the eighth generation Core in laptops and in desktops by the holiday’s season this year.”

It’s good to see that Intel will be launching its 8th Gen processors based on a new 10nm manufacturing process. But if that is the case then why is Intel also targeting mainstream consumers with its X299 platform. Where the company also offers a Core i5 and Core i7 chip with the same numbers of cores. When the upcoming Coffee lake platform is on its way soon? Well we don’t know for sure, but the announcement of AMD’s new Threadripper platform did have some serious impact on Intel. Reason why the company have rushed everything.I

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