An interesting part of CES 2018 was when Intel displayed the drone-based light show. It attracted a large number of visitors and the drone was dubbed as ‘Shooting Star Mini.’ The impressive tiny little drones are claimed to be 100% safe to fly indoors. Moreover, the drones are intelligent enough to self-detect things like objects or space in the room.

60473 01 intels light show drones purchasable Intels Shooting Star Mini joined the army of mini drones at the CES 2018 Light Show

The Fun Part

The best part of the drone’s presentation was when the controllers of the drone made it dance on the song ‘Stargazing’ by Kygo. In fact, several drones joined the performance to display a beautiful light show.

Now to the sad part, these drones will not be available for sale in the consumer market as these drones are specifically developed to be introduced in similar kinds of light shows and dance performances etc.

As the CEO Brian Krzanich says:

This is not the type of drone you can buy in the store

So don’t get disappointed and wait for the next on-stage performance of the drone!

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