Even being a Coffeelake processor, all the specs of this 8 Core processor don’t make it eligible to be called as Coffeelake. So the enthusiasts are calling it a Kabylake on steroids. To make it stand out, the new processor has been tested on KBL S system (which stands for Kabylake S). So this basically makes us think that it is the same old LGA1151 platform.

1 5 Intel’s 8 core (Kaby/Coffee) Lake   The chip has been spotted somewhere!

HyperThreading Enabled

Listed on different forums which are reporting it, show that it’s a 2.6 GHz 8-core chip with HyperThreading enabled. This actually might be a prototype or software error.


Speaking of its availability, there is no exact release date for the 8-core chip. Stay tuned for more updates on this.

Will 7nm process chips become reality? The AMD labs might be evaluating the technology at the moment!