So, the 8th Gen core processors by Intel are coming with a bit of controversy that we need to look at! The 6 core i5 processor by Intel is the first one among the mainstream processors and the stars are Core i5-8600K and i5-8400 (the flagship processor of the series). As an icing on the cake, the processors come with extremely reasonable price tags and the flagship CPU will cost you even less than 200 USD. Then what’s the controversy?

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Actually, Intel is playing a kind of game with us and that is related to the compatible motherboards. Yes! To complete the sales target, Intel has strategically priced the processors at reasonable prices but the motherboards which will support these processors are way more expensive than we thought!

Intel Z370

The only compatible option that we have, for now, is the Z370 Express with a better variant coming next year. Talking about the current options that we have, there is no good news regarding their pricing. Recently, we covered the news that Kabylake processors won’t run on the 300 series motherboards and vice versa. So, to run your beast processors with the power of 6 cores, there is no other option than buying an express chipset. Intel has its saying regarding the matter:

Getting the max out of 6 core processor required changes to our motherboards, specifically to provide improved power delivery to new 6-core processors.
We also took the opportunity to improve our overclocking capabilities by improving the package power delivery to the CPU. This is an another change that required motherboard changes.
We increased memory bandwidth on processor up to 2666 MHz that required another improvement on the motherboard layout.
New CPUs need to be paired with 300-series motherboards.


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