Intel has once again turned down the idea of moving toward the 10nm technology. The company has no plans to switch to the newer technology this year. As a matter of fact, the company is way behind its competitor AMD in the race for producing compact node sizes.

Intel Chipset 640x353 Intel is still not convinced to switch to the 10nm process nodes – The compact nodes aren’t coming out this year!

The company has clearly stated that they aren’t releasing the 10nm node before 2019 and that they are continuing with the current 14nm manufacturing process which has already received a number of revisions and tweaks. This 10nm technology has been working perfectly fine for Intel so they aren’t really in a mood to change their infrastructure any time soon.

While Intel is still not convinced to switch to the 10nm technology, the AMD is achieving new landmarks with its 7nm process nodes. I wonder what is going inside the heads of Intel’s management?

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