After the Z370 chipsets, it’s time to move on! Earlier we reported about the upcoming Z390 chipsets and now the reports confirm the Intel’s future plans including B360, H370 and H310 chipsets which are most likely to arrive in the first financial quarter of next year. The slide shown below is not only clear in terms of Intel’s roadmap but also show that Intel has all the intentions to change the naming convention of their B_50 chipsets to B_60.

intel roadmap slide1 1000x562 Forget about Z370 chipsets   Intel all set to release B360, H370 and H310 chipsets in the first quarter of 2018

Best Match For Coffeelake-S CPUs

Besides all the other attractions of these chipsets, the core reason behind buying this is that they will support the upcoming Coffeelake-S series processors and you now have a list of chipsets to choose from. A news from some trusted sources shows that Intel is planning to launch another processor from the Coffeelake-S series and it will differ from the previous ones in terms of TDP ratings (95/65W changes to 65/35W).

Intel’s Brief Roadmap

While we are discussing the Coffeelake’s future, let me tell you about other processors that Intel has to offer. A brand new series by the name of ‘Gemini Lake’ Celeron and Pentium Silver (J5005, J4105 and J405) 4 and 2-core SOCs are coming your way. Also, get ready for the new enthusiast Optane SSD 900P.

The More Acquiescent Mainstream Performance; The New Intel Core i5-7600K