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Intel on the cost saving route – Skylake-X And Kaby Lake-X CPUs will not be soldered

Intel Skylake-X And Kaby Lake-X CPUs

Attention overclockers! The all-new Intel Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X CPUs will roll out without being soldered. As of the latest news coming in from the Intel side, the 2 new processors by Intel, Skylake-X and Kaby Lake-X have been revealed by the company. Now the latest news suggests that both these new processors will come out without being soldered. This technology has 2 benefits over the soldered ones. Having no soldering around the CPU means that you can delid it easily. Also, this has saved cost for Intel but it may have a dark side as well.

Higher Thermals

These unsoldered CPUs are great to save the cost but the problem arrives when it is overclocked. Higher thermals as compared to the soldered ones cause problems when you are killing it in a game while overclocking. If you are a tech geek and want to go for delidding it, you may get a very responsive and fast running processor. But if you plan to use this CPU as it is, the unsoldered processor won’t be very helpful for you.

Why This Problem?

Working around with a non-soldered CPU is not as effective as a soldered one because of the fact that the compound used to transfer heat from the CPU to the integrated heat spreader is not as effective as compared to a CPU that is directly soldered. This brings us to the only solution to counter this problem and that is Delidding. This is obvious that the heat problem won’t be there anymore with the lid open so go for it if you want.I

Whether to Buy or Not

If you are confused between buying an Intel Skylake-X and Kabylake-X or not, the short simple and sweet answer is that if you want to overclock your CPUs and have the ability to delid it, go for it. If can’t afford to have any one of these two solutions, these two bad boys may not be the best find for you.

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