A joint announcement by Intel CEO and US President confirms that Intel is making huge investments in Arizona’s Next-Generation Semiconductor Factory and for the purpose; Intel Signs Massive 7B Dollar Deal in the White House.

intel fab 42 Intel Signs Massive 7B Dollar Deal. CEO Ensures Company Invests In Arizona’s Next Generation Semiconductor Factory

The announcement comes from the White House revealing the details of the project, signed by Brian Krzanich in the presence of Donald Trump, the newly elected American President. The subject $7 billion project aims on finally completing Intel’s Fab 42 (Chandler – Arizona) and bringing online the new 7nm capacity. Fab 42 is considered the world’s most advanced next-generation semiconductor factory.

images 9 Intel Signs Massive 7B Dollar Deal. CEO Ensures Company Invests In Arizona’s Next Generation Semiconductor Factory

President Trump described the deal and investment as “a great thing for Arizona” and said this indeed is a moment of joy for all of us, especially for people at Arizona; they’re happy.

We’re very happy and I can tell you the people of Arizona are very happy.” White house press secretary Sean Spicer pointed out that former President Obama visited the same factory during his re-election campaign in 2012 but his policies failed to move the project forward.

It has been learned that it may still take Intel 3 to 4 years to complete the project that is expected to create and offer at least 3,000 job opportunities directly while a 10,000-job impact will be on Arizona plant itself; the jobs thus created will be long-term ones.

3,000 jobs will reportedly be shared among process engineers, support facilities engineers and equipment technicians while other, more high-tech staff will also benefit from the opportunities.

Intel’s move to make investments in both R&D and manufacturing  capacities will definitely help Fab 42 in achieving their goal of producing and supplying the data centers with high volumes of microprocessors. The plant particularly aims on producing 7nm manufacturing processors, used by other smart devices.

Sharing his views over the huge agreement, the Intel CEO since May 2, 2013 Krzanich said that with each passing day, company’s business is growing and expanding. He said that Intel is engaged fueling ‘technology innovations’ two factors the entire world not only loves but depends on. It is thus believed that the company may achieve their goals for which Intel Signs Massive 7B Dollar Deal.

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