One of the recent breakthrough in PC technology was the new Intel Optane storage solution. Which by using a new 3D XPoint technology is able to deliver speeds as fast as DRAM. Breaking the speed barriers even the fastest NVMe SSD standard have achieved till now. Using Intel Optane as a storage is very expensive for now. But Intel is also providing both 16GB and 32GB Intel Optane modules. Which can drastically improve the performance of your old HDD storage.

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Not a lot of people yet known of these smaller Intel Optane modules. Which includes two above mentioned variants. Well MSI is now starting a new bundle. Where the company would be offering a free 16GB Intel Optane module with the purchase of an MSI motherboard. Without the MSI bundle the 16GB module is sold for $44 while the 32GB module is being sold for $77. Though in order to take advantage of these Intel Optane modules, users would also need a supported motherboard. This is where MSI comes in with its Motherboard bundle. Which provides its users with a free Intel Optane 16GB module out of the box.

MSI Z270 Tomahawk Opt Boost MSI Is Offering Intel Optane Bundles With Their Gaming Class Motherboards

MSI is currently selling three models of their motherboards with the Intel Optane bundle. Which includes the Tomahawk Opt Boost Z270 motherboard, Bazooka Opt Boost B250M motherboard and lastly the Pro Series Opt Boost B250M motherboard. As you have noticed all these above mentioned motherboard support the latest Intel Kaby Lake processor. Which is the necessary hardware you need to operate the new Intel Optane storage. Aside from that currently only the Core Models of Intel 7th generation processors support Intel Optane. Which includes the Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 lineup.

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There is still no news on what the pricing on the above three models would be with the availability dates. But whenever that maybe users now would be able to get extra performance out of their HDD for free.