The Intel 8th generation Coffee Lake lineup is finally announced. Which will also be running on a new Z370 chipset. That is necessary in order to run these new Coffee Lake based Intel chips, even though it’s running on the same socket.

Intel 8thgenCoffeeLake 3 Intel Officially launches Its 8th Generation Coffee Lake Desktop Lineup

Intel 8th generation desktop chips will offer a total of 6 SKUs. Which includes two Core i7 variants including the 8700k and 8700, two Core i5 variants including 8600k and 8400 and lastly two Core i3 variants including 8350K and 8100. All these new chips are also based on the same 14nm manufacturing process. Though Intel is promising up to 45 percent improvement in performance compared to its predecessor. While in gaming Intel is claiming a 25 percent increase in FPS.

Aside from the performance difference the new 8th generation Intel lineup also brings in more cores. Including the Core i7 and Core i5 variants Which will now have a total of 6 cores. Where the Core i7 variant will have a total of 12 threads while the Core i5 variant will come with only 6 threads. Aside from that the Core i3 variant will also see an increase in cores and will be equipped with 4 cores now. Though the Core i3 variant will not have support for Hyper-Threading.

Intel 8thgenCoffeeLake 1 Intel Officially launches Its 8th Generation Coffee Lake Desktop Lineup

Currently we don’t have any real world performance benchmarks. But the Intel 8th generation Core i7 8700k is rumored to achieve an overclock of 4.8GHz easily. Which should not be a surprise since the new chips do run on nearly the same TDP as its predecessor.

The only drawback to the new Intel 8th generation lineup seems to be the new Z370 chipset. Which is neither backwards compatible, nor can user with the Z270 chipset support the new Intel chips. Intel says it’s because of improved power delivery support. Which is necessary to run the extra cores.

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Intel 8thgenCoffeeLake 4 Intel Officially launches Its 8th Generation Coffee Lake Desktop Lineup

What do you think about the new Intel 8th generation lineup, is it worth the upgrade considering its price?