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Intel Just Announced Their New Line of CPU’s Under ”Core X” Series


At Computex today, Intel announced their new processor lineup known as the ”Core X” series. Where basically the Core X series would be a more powerful version of the current Skylake and kabylake chips. That includes the existing Core i5, Core i7 and a new Core i9 processor. If you haven’t guessed it yet the new Core X series, is Intel’s take on AMD’s new Threadripper processor. Where the highest that Intel has to offer is their Core i9 processor, equipped with 18 cores and 36 threads. That also comes with a whopping $2000 price tag.

Intel will also be offering mainstream chips in their Core X series. Which starts from their Core i5 7640X processor, offering 4 cores and 4 threads with a $242 price tag. Aside from that there would also be two variant of the Core i7 processor in the Core X series. Which would include a 6 cores and 12 threads model for $389 and an 8 cores and 16 threads model for $599. As for the Core i9 lineup, Intel will be offering it in two variants as well. Which would include a 10 cores 16 threads model and a 16 core and 32 threads model.  With a price tag of $999 and $2000 respectively.

These new Core X series chips will also be running on a new X299 chipset. Intel is calling this platform their new Skylake X platform. But these only includes the high end enthusiast’s level chips. While the lower end 4 cores Core i5 models will be based on a new Kaby Lake X architecture. Aside from that the Core X series also comes with a new Turbo Boost Max 3.0 technology. Where according to Intel their new Core X series will perform 10% percent better in multi-threaded workloads and 20% better in single-threaded workloads.T

So what do you think about Intel’s new offerings? Will Intel be able to beat AMD at its own core game.


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