AMD is preparing to launch its latest Ryzen CPUs, promising enhanced performance not only with the preceding processor line of AMD but in contrast to the finest that Intel initially is offering. AMD will be launching latest CPU’s that would range from quad-core series with 4 threads up to octa-core series with 16 threads. Intel is launching its 7th generation, Kaby Lake, architecture, which has more emphasis towards the efficiency than the complete performance. Though, Intel isn’t standing still in the face of Ryzen’s future release, Hexus reports.

According to Canard PC, a French publication, Intel is preparing to adjust latest series and Kaby Lake price in response to Ryzen. The new CPU’s could be the cracked version of both Core i7 and Core i5 Kaby Lake, such as:

  • Intel Core i7-7740K, 4.3GHz with Turbo Boost up to 4.6GHz, a thermal design power rating of 100W, and with 8MB of L3 cache.
  • Intel Core i5-7640K, 4.0GHz, TDP of 100W or more, 6MB of L3 cache, and support for Hyperthreading. This would be a first for latest Core i5 chips, which usually do not have Hyperthreading enabled.
1488141280739 Intel Is Preparing To Adjust Latest Version and Kaby Lake Price In Response To AMD Ryzen Core i7 And Core i5 Processors
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The beefy six-core Intel Core i7-6850K (3.60GHz)drop from $700 to $550, and the i7-6800K (3.40GHz) drop down to $360, from $500. Some mid-range chips are getting price cuts. It includes the i7-6700K, a 4.0GHz chip lowering their price from $400 to $260, and the i7-6600K, a 3.50GHz quad-core going down from $270 to $180. Even Intel’s newest and ultimate Kaby Lake-based i7-7700K has experienced a drop, from $380 to $299, such as places like Amazon and NewEgg retailing for $349.

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It has not publicly announced about their price for Ryzen CPU’s, and that will direct how hostile Intel modifies their cost structure for the Kaby Lake line. Intel will be soon launching its new generation Cannonlake architecture, which will have an emphasis on moving to a new 10nm fabrication procedure and not necessarily on hug performance growth.

There is no such surety of which AMD new CPUs will be launched the soonest and how much time it will take to start the complete line comprising highest-end parts. Soon AMD will launch its latest Vega GPU architecture, which means that Nvidia will face its own competitive pressure.

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