Intel is keeping its presence alive in the processor manufacturing world and as the latest outcome of the Intel engineers, we might get to see an all-new series of 8th-gen Whiskey Lake-U processors. The Whiskey Lake-U processors are said to be accompanied by a new range of mobile CPUs too.

Whiskey Lake-U Processors

62452 05 intels next gen whiskey lake chip teased 4 5ghz 15w Intel ready to launch an all new series of Whiskey Lake U Processors along with some Mobile CPUs!

The upcoming Whiskey Lake-U processors will include the flagship Core i7-8565U succeeding the Core i7-8550U. Also, the mid-range Core i5-8265U succeeds the Core i5-8250U. Here are some of their specifications:

  • Both of these processors will be made on the 14nm++ node
  • CPU clock speeds up through the optimized process design
  • Same old 4C/8T chip in the new Core i7-8565U (Increased 200MHz base CPU clock and 100MHz increase in the Turbo Boost frequency)
  • An increased boost clock of 500MHz for the 4C/8T Core i5-8265U

Mobile CPUs

Speaking of the upcoming mobile CPUs, they are coming in place of the ongoing Kaby Lake-R processors. The process node, however, is going to remain the same 14nm++ so the CPU clock speeds are going to remain up with lower power consumption.

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