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Intel could commercialize v2 edition of the Socket 2066 to facilitate 10+ Cores in the near future [RUMOR]

Socket 2066 v2 edition

As we all know that Intel were most likely in a bit of a panic when Threadripper was first rumored. And Threadripper is aiming to release this summer which is pretty much within the same time window as X299 give or take.

So, it wasn’t surprising but also a bit concerning that Intel decided last minute to increase the core count for the X299 platform to 14, 16 and 18 cores. The 18 cores are definitely higher than the X399 also known as Threadripper but we heard that there were Intel had quite some problems in result they might have to delay the chips until 2018.

It was a bit weird because it’s basically cut down to Zen-owns so, we weren’t sure if they were just kind of not really sure to do or it was just they needed time to ramp-up production, maybe they hadn’t even stopped to do the design of the chips.

A website by the name of Bitsandchips.it have sources and those sources which we can’t validate. That’s the problem with sources who are anonymous have stated that there will be a new socket required which is going to be much like socket 2011 → 2011v3 and the reason behind this according to this website is that the original socket 2066 was only designed to support 10 cores not 18 plus. So, basically you have a TDP which is possibly going to be 200 watts or more and to run those clock speeds it will require extra voltage or to put it in best way the board’s themselves the actual architecture was not designed to handle these frequencies, this level of performance.

And according to this website basically what you are getting is the possibility if they have to release these chips you might get about 2.5 ghz across all cores and if you have got 18 cores at just 2.5 ghz sure some tasks are going to run better than 8 cores CPU which is running at 3.8 ghz but that’s not many applications and not that many applications are super multi-threaded.

So, of this rumor is accurate it’s going to put Intel in a very strange position and according to this website at least in their opinion this is the reasons why we are seeing the 14, 16 and 18 cores SKU’s being released around in 6 months time or some very late late this year or early next year. Unfortunately we cannot verify this yet so, unfortunately as usual of most of these rumors we can only wait and see.


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