After Intel announced their new Core X series chips. Everyone started criticizing the blue team for not knowing what they are doing. Though that certainly does seem to be the case as the launch was rushed after AMD announced its Threadripper processor at Computex. Aside from that there are barely any specific details provided about the upcoming Intel Core X chips. While a lot of motherboard manufacturers also didn’t announce Intel’s new X299 platform. Mainly because according to them, even they were surprised with Intel’s new announcement.

s Intel Core X Series processor family 16 Intel Core X Series Lineup Is Direct Response To Threadripper AMD Agrees

After AMD announced its first Ryzen chips, Intel wasn’t worried or threatened about this new launch. As according to the company, their existing Kaby Lake chips were more than sufficient to tackle what AMD have to offer. But looks like Intel overlooked what AMD had in store for the market. Where after the launch of AMD Threadripper, Intel certainly seems to be losing its mind.

AMD was also contacted regarding Intel’s rushed decision to launch their Core X chips. Where the company was asked whether the new Core X chips from Intel were a direct response to their Threadripper processor. To which AMD replied ”Industry pundits certainly seem to agree that the new branding and lineup – especially pricing – is in response to AMDs Ryzen and Ryzen Threadripper products. We are very pleased to see the industry assert that Ryzen is a disruptive, market-changing product that is beneficial to gamers and creators around the globe’’.

AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1 Intel Core X Series Lineup Is Direct Response To Threadripper AMD Agrees

Even though Intel should have learned its lesson by now. But that certainly does not seem to be the case. As even their upcoming Core X chips are being priced relatively higher than what AMD will be offering. This is where Intel will fail in the future, as it’s no longer the only competitor in the market to create its monopoly.

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What do you think about the current situation between Intel and AMD?