The Intel’s answer to AMD’s Threadripper is going to be a ripper for sure! The 18 core processor, named as Core i9-7980XE, is what an ideal processor of the modern age should look like. 18 cores as compared to the 16 cores of AMD’s Threadripper make it a superior choice (for future).

Core i9 7980XE Cinebench 1000x588 Intel Core i9 7980XE benchmark results   Is the processor worth 2,000 USD?

Early Benchmarks

Despite the Core i9-7980XE processor not available for sale, some early benchmark results have started appearing online. The processors somehow went into the hands of tech enthusiasts and we have started receiving the early benchmark reports.

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After having a look at these reports, the popular opinion has gained more strength that these processors have very less to do with the common PC users. That can be said after having a look at the price tags of these Core i9 processors and then comparing it to the AMD processors. The answers verily go in the favor of AMD lovers!

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