The Intel Skylake X benchmarks has been leaked, a Chinese overclocker has managed to get hold of a 7900X. For those who do not know it’s a 10 core 20 thread replacement of the 6950X. Now the really nice thing about this is we actually have a CPU-Z comparison. However according to many people CPU-Z is not actually the most accurate, it doesn’t have all of that. Because each benchmarks uses different parts and CPU and all that.

1 Intel Core i9 7900X CPU Scores Better in CPU Z Benchmark than Intel Core i7 6950X

However it is a fact but still it does gives us some basic understanding of how CPU’s stack up against one another. Now what’s rather interesting is the 7900X, scores 527 point in single thread, this is compared to 430 of the 6950X. On the other hand the 7900X managed to score almost 5200 with two points out with Multi-threading but the 6950X scores just 5030.

There’s also big disparity between these two processors, in other words Intel are releasing a processor that is faster than the previous generation at lower price which is really good thing.

9 Intel Core i9 7900X CPU Scores Better in CPU Z Benchmark than Intel Core i7 6950X

Also Intel has officially confirmed that their Core i9 series of rumors are real, which we have covered already. Quite frankly it was real anyway given the number of leaks of this processor however it is good to hear an official confirmation.

The high-end Core i9-7960X has a price of $2000, it does feature 18 cores and 16 threads and the lower-end chip is the 7960X which features 16 cores 32 threads, this one is a very much a ticking on the high-end Threadripper. We have seen on the internet that around 4.2 to 4.5 ghz clock speeds for this particular processor, which is not been confirmed yet.

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