Intel is ready to launch its much anticipated revamped 8086 generation in the form of 8086K on the completion of 40 years of 8086. For the millennials, 8086 isn’t a new term as these processors used to be as cool as today’s 8th gen chips back in the 80’s. The all-new Core i7-8086K is going to be the modern face of Intel’s processors’ lineup!

61550 02 intel core i7 8086k teased 6c 12t 5 1ghz beats 8700k Core i7 8086K to be revealed at the 40th Anniversary of Intels 8086 processors!

Being an Anniversary Edition SKU, it is going to be an extra-ordinary chip and the reports show that it will sport a 6 core/12 thread structure!

Expected Specifications

Based on rumors, here’s what we know of the upcoming chip:

  • A 12MB of L3 cache
  • A 95W TDP
  • A base clock speed of 4GHz and a boost clock of up to 5.1GHz (or more)

Still consider the 8700K as a powerful processor? Intel Core i7-8086K all the way!

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