The PC modding community has brought something very interesting to our knowledge and it is definitely a point to ponder for Intel. The world’s biggest processor producing company, Intel announced that its latest 8th gen Coffee Lake processors won’t fit on the older Z100 and Z200 series motherboards and one would require a Z300 series board just to run the processor. The problem is solved by a PC modder, who has successfully run a Core i3- 8350K Coffee Lake processor by mounting it over a Z170 motherboard.

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Why Did Intel Announce The Compatibility Issue

The reason why Intel asked the Coffee Lake owners to upgrade their motherboards to a newer Z300 series chipset, was that there are definite compatibility issues if the processor is run over an older motherboard. But still, running the 8th gen processor on an older board is a big step and against the claims of Intel.

We Still Believe Intel

%name Intels claims of Coffee Lake processors just being compatible with the Z300 series chipsets, openly challenged by a PC modder

For its open credibility, we have to believe Intel’s point that even after running the Coffee Lake processor on the older chipset, one wouldn’t be able to get the most functionality out of it. But if the smaller functionality and performance issues are fixed by changing drivers and testing this modification on another motherboard, Intel will definitely have to clarify its position.

Will 7nm process chips become reality? The AMD labs might be evaluating the technology at the moment!