Intel’s much anticipated Coffee Lake processors are in stock now. You can book your order for quick shipment. Intel has already announced new SKUs to expand its Coffee Lake series. The only thing that remains to be seen at the moment, is an 8-core CPU!

1 Get your Intel Coffee Lake processors now   The 8 core processors might roll out by April 2018

The Future Plans

Intel isn’t settling down with the said SKUs, rather more CPUs and motherboards will be released in the coming months. The processors in the pipeline include:

  • Core i5-8600 (nonK)
  • Core i5-8500
  • Core i3-8300

In addition, Intel also plans to roll out at least five Pentiums and Celerons for low-budget users. Also, get ready to witness some cheaper motherboards by Intel to support these CPUs. Not to mention, these motherboards include B360 and H370 chipsets.

For Core i5, you can get the following options in a range of 220-200 USD:

  • Core i5-8600: 220 USD
  • Core i5-8500: 200 USD
  • Core i3-8300: 135 USD
  • Pentium Gold G5600: 93 USD
  • Pentium Gold G5500: 83 USD
  • Celeron G4920: 62 USD
  • Celeron G4920: 51 USD

Unfortunately, we won’t get the Z390 motherboards in the upcoming release. However, we may get to see some Zen+ 8-core CPUs in April.

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