Gigabyte has given a sigh of relief to those who were waiting for the Intel Coffee Lake-H CPUs. The processors will be featured in Gigabyte’s upcoming series of notebooks which are expected to be released at the end of March 2018.

Intel 8th Generation Kaby Lake Refresh 4 Intel Coffee Lake H series CPUs to see the day of light   Thanks to Gigabyte!

The Coffee Lake-H series by Intel is different from the previously introduced Coffeelake series for notebooks with ultra-low-power SKUs. Intel may roll out the long-awaited Core i9 processor in this series with a single core boost speed of 4.8 GHz. A 45W TDP will power the processor for its high-end processing needs,

The ‘H’ denoted High-End parts and just like the Coffee Lake, the other series were also updated by Intel including the 8th Gen Core series Kabylake-G processors paired with RX Vega graphics. Now the replacement for Kabylake-H series is also said to be released by April.

No More Aero 15x

Gigabyte CoffeelakeH Notebooks Intel Coffee Lake H series CPUs to see the day of light   Thanks to Gigabyte!

According to Gigabyte, the Aero 15X has been discontinued in favor of replacing it with ‘a refresh’ of Intel 8th Gen Core processor as you might know that AERO 15X features a Kabylake-H I7-7700HQ processor.

On the other hand, this H series refresh is going to be the first mobile gaming processors to feature six-core configurations!

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