After a lot of efforts made by AMD to capture the CPU market, Intel has struck one nice shot to counter all of their efforts. The EPYC processors which are also termed as ‘Naples‘ are one of the AMD’s latest flagship processor series. AMD showed the capabilities of EPYC in a recent press event which has been thoroughly replied by the Intel through facts and figures.

forrest norrod page 013 Intel thinks that they have a solid reply to the EPYC processors that AMD has been bragging about

In this slideshow of graphs and figures, you can easily point out the Intel’s solid reply to AMD. However, bringing out these graphs was not easy as Intel had over-exaggerated the information and while remaining neutral, this is the best that we could do.

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Intel’s Only Plus Point

While there are many points raised by Intel claiming AMD’s defeat, a few of them are acceptable. The first valid point raised y Intel is that Intel’s newest architectures for CPUs are worth more than a single Zen architecture given by AMD which took AMD 6 years to roll out.
To prove this wrong, AMD has Zen 2 and Zen 3 in the pipeline to be launched before 2020 on the 7nm node. Possibilities are that they will contain optimized parts with lesser nodes. Also, AMD may release the upcoming architectures prior to the expected time.

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