What happens when a company is cornered by its rival, challenging their product with a better alternative? Obviously, it cheats its way out and that is what Intel has done. According to a report posted by a website named emiaccurate, Intel has be playing dirty on their side. Trying to take what AMD is going to achieve in a few days.

According to the report ”Intel PR sent out a last-minute “call us before you write” email to most of the press, but not SemiAccurate, after hours last night. You could infer that they are suddenly really worried about something’’. The calls were made in order to get reviewers to review AMD’s new Ryzen CPU in such a way, that comes in the favor of the blue team.

Other than that, Intel have also tried to contact big companies like HP and DELL. Offering them, better deals and promotions on their CPU’s. So that these companies keep using their CPU in a lot of things, like laptops etc. Telling them to make big buying decisions before going for the red team and regret later.

If all this is true. Then indeed it’s a very shameful act for such a huge company, with a good reputation. Just a few days ago Intel said that, they were confident in their current generation of CPU. Though it does not look that way. AMD has always been challenged like that. As the red team is trying to conquer the best of both worlds. Including CPU as well as GPU. When it comes to GPU even the rival company named Nvidia, does the same thing. Asking developers to optimize their games on their platform.

Intel to introduce Z390 chipset at the end of 2018; will feature 10nm minuscule architecture

We hope AMD gets the chance that it deserves. Because it has grown a lot and from what we have seen till now. The red team is fighting fair and square unlike its rivals.


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