intel rrp Intel came up with new idea;which will help retailers do things like track inventory, schedule employees

In such high-tech ERA we are using the old typical systems in our stores which pulls more time and effort, Intel came with the solution to save time and effort. Intel announced their new idea at the National Retail Federation’s conference to improve the way of shopping in stores.

The reason for introducing the new is to improve the standards of shopping and stores, Intel named it Responsive Retail Platform, easy to develop and deploy, which brings”retail hardware, software, APIs and sensors altogether in a standardized way. This will help retailers in order to update inventory and provides the insights on buy habits of shopping.Intel plans to invest over $100 million in the next five years to develop the new platform which uses data and high tech to help retailers to improve sales and costs.

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich mentioned that virtual reality can be use to improve the experiences for customers, in which customers will able to access 3D store models on your phone or a customer can also use virtual version of their homes while shopping furniture or other decoration items.Krzanich also talked about moving towards this kind of technology innovation doesn’t mean to displace workers with robots or artificial intelligence. But with intentions to utilize the maximum man power in other operating areas.

“With technology like robots and artificial intelligence to free up employees, every aspect of the store and supply chain will allow retail employees to better focus on the customer and improve the store’s performance,” Krzanich said. “By bringing together virtual reality and the power of data, we’ll help create the store of the future — one that is smart, responsive, connected and secure.”

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