Some years ago, Google came up with something from the future, the Google Glass. The balloon was ruptured quickly and the fiasco settled for nothing. Now, Intel has been in the news for launching its own pair of smart glasses and the thing to be seen here is whether this is our next step in the future? Let’s dig a bit deeper into ‘Vaunt’, the company’s first augmented reality glasses.

%name Intel to roll out the Vaunt   Something youve been missing since the Google Glass disappeared!

What Makes It Different From Google Glass?

It seems like Intel has learned a lot of lessons from Google and has removed, what was considered as unnecessary or vague. First of all, the glasses aren’t any different from a normal pair of glasses so you don’t get to see a camera on the frame or a glowing LCD prism screen. Intel has rather rolled out quite a basic structure which doesn’t even have a microphone or speaker.

Where Does The Power Come From?

The stems of the glasses provide the necessary power to Vaunt with a low-power laser that shines a monochrome 400×150 pixel image into your eye and will mainly be used to deliver simple notifications straight to your retinas. Itai Vonshak, the head of products for Intel’s New Devices Group, said:

When we look at what types of new devices are out there, we are really excited about head-worn products. Head-worn products are hard because people assign a lot of attributes to put something on their head. It means something about their personality.

We wanted to make sure somebody puts this on and gets value without any of the negative impact of technology on their head. Everything from the ground up is designed to make the technology disappear.

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