Intel had a great time working as a partner with Micron for the production of NAND flash memory but now it seems like the partnership won’t run any longer. Due to all the fuss that happened at the events of the Spectre and Meldown, the agreement between the two tech tycoons is no more and hence, there won’t be any joint production by these two.

60474 04 intel micron end partnership over nand flash memory Intel and Micron breakup over the Spectre and Meldown fuss   No more collaborative production!

The Announcement

The announcement was made just before the CES 2018, declaring the break up as “forging our own paths”. If you don’t know about the partnership history of these two companies, Intel Optane, formally known as 3D Xpoint was a result of this joint venture. As Barron’s reports:

A form of non-volatile memory that straddles the line between DRAM and flash.

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