Intel recently included eight new desktop chips in their Coffee Lake lineup to its MDDS database.

Among the eight unannounced Coffee Lake desktop chips, three are only targeted towards mainstream desktop users. While the other are mainly designed to be used on entry level platforms. This includes Celeron and Pentium Gold products. These new chips from Intel are also expected to see the light of day in a few weeks.

8700K 8400 61 Intel Adds Eight More Products In Their Coffee lake Processor lineup

Till now Intel have only introduced around six processors in their desktop line. Though a lot more is expected to come in the coming months. The upcoming new Coffee Lake processors from Intel includes two 6 core Core i5 variants, including Core i5 8600 and Core i5 8500. These new products from Intel will be sold between the existing Core i5 8600K and Core i5 8400 variants. On the Core i3 side Intel is only offering one product including the Core i3 8300, that would be an update over the existing Coffee lake Core i5 8100.

With these new products Intel is trying to expand its mainstream family. While with the upcoming Pentium Gold and Celeron products, Intel is also trying to attract budget PC builders. These products includes the Celeron G4920, Celeron G4900, Pentium Gold G5400, Pentium Gold G 5500 and Pentium Gold G 5600. All of which are yet to be announced by Intel. Being a budget offering these products from Intel will only be running on two cores and will come equipped with Intel UHD 610 integrated graphics.

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It looks like after the Ryzen trend, Intel is finally taking its game to the next level. Reason why Intel is launching products with 2 extra cores compared to its predecessor. Which has significantly increased the multi core performance of Intel chips compared to Ryzen.

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