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Intel 8000 series reveal (15% Faster?) And AMD confirmed that Ryzen will not Support older Windows Operating System

Intel 8000 series

Starting off with Intel who has revealed plans for it’s upcoming 8000 series of CPU’s which promises up to 15% performance faster on it’s new i7 8700k versus their previous generation Kaby Lake i7 7700k. Now obviously if that was the case it would be absolutely huge for Intel in terms of how it stacks up against Ryzen.

Delivering a faster processor and what could only be few months after Ryzen launch would certainly be bad news for AMD. However we are still skeptical on these promise games from Intel. As looking at their graphic we can quickly see that this 15% gain comes from running SYSmark. Which in my opinion is not the most realistic representation of a standard use case scenario. The reason being that it puts the full work of benchmark on the cpu rather than delegating task to the video card or system memory.1 of 3  

Last year AMD published a video which rather decisively showed that SYSmark would show a 40% or more performance delta. But when tested on actual desktop the performance delta was reduced to less than 10%. Furthermore getting back to the 15% gain on Kaby vs Skylake that Intel claims in the very same graphic. We have seen recently the benchmarks in some articles that this simply is not the case and Kaby Lake games come down to the higher clock speed primarily.

Switching over to AMD now, we have reports that Ryzen will not support older windows operating systems and Windows 7 more specifically. Meaning that if you are a Windows user and you haven’t made the jump to Windows 10 yet then you very likely should, if you are planning to pick up a Ryzen CPU. According to AMD “Only support and drivers for Windows 10 will be provided in AMD Ryzen desktop processor production parts“.K

With Intel Kaby Lake processors were certainly capable of working on older operating systems. Even though Intel and Microsoft to claimed that Kaby Lake processor would only work on Windows 10 but we saw it does work on Windows 7 too.

Intel CPU Generation Comparison:

Intel Sandy Bridge PlatformIntel Ivy Bridge PlatformIntel Haswell PlatformIntel Broadwell PlatformIntel Skylake PlatformIntel Kaby Lake PlatformIntel Coffee Lake PlatformIntel Cannonlake Platform
Processor ArchitectureSandy BridgeIvy BridgeHaswellBroadwellSkylakeKaby LakeCoffee LakeCannonlake
Processor Process32nm22nm22nm14nm14nm14nm14nm10nm
Processors Cores (Max)4444446TBA
Platform Chipset6-Series “Cougar Point”7-Series “Panther Point”8-Series “Lynx Point”9-Series “Wild Cat Point”100-Series “Sunrise Point”200-Series “Union Point”300-Series “Cannon-Lake PCH”TBA
Platform SocketLGA 1155LGA 1155LGA 1150LGA 1150LGA 1151LGA 1151TBATBA
PlatformDesktop LGADesktop LGADesktop LGADesktop LGADesktop LGADesktop LGADesktop LGADesktop LGA

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