The not-so-old 14 nm based ‘H310 chipsets’ by Intel have finally reached their happy ending. This clearly means shifting of the production focus to a specific product which and Intel clearly seems like pushing for higher margins. Recently, we have seen an increased production of the Z370 chipset which explains things pretty much.

%name Intel to discontinue the production of Its H310 chipsets   Reportedly, a 22nm architecture is coming!

Intel has previously disappointed its users for quickly changing the compatible platforms for its upcoming hardware and that has resulted in huge financial losses to the consumers who are now shifting towards the Intel’s new sensation, B360 chipset.

According to some rumors, Intel has suspended the supply of H310 ahead of a manufacturing architectural shift. The 14 nm process nodes might get shifted to a 22 nm fabrication technology. This is also a distressing news because instead of working on the futuristic 7nm technology, Intel is bringing forward plans which aren’t concurrent with its production portfolio.


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