It is the latest feature of instagram that it will post ads between the instagram stories has already been designed by other social media websites like facebook and snapchat.30 global advertisers including Netflix, Nike, Capital One, and ASOS and a Facebook owned company said it is testing videos ad in the stories.

instagram stories 003 Instagram will now add video ads between the stories
Instagram Is Dropping Ads

Instagram is now introducing ads and is aiming to earn a bit of extra cash. This is going to be quite lucrative for the company, and also will be a load off of Facebook, which itself was running out of platforms for sharing its ads on the news feed.Instagram introduced its Snapchat-like Stories feature last August, it has amassed 150 million users.

instagram airbnb hed 2017 Instagram will now add video ads between the stories
Instagram Is Dropping Ads

It is a clear competition call to Snapchat,half of it’s user are tended to shifted to Instagram and approximately both have same number of users.

James Quarles, the vice president of Instagram business, told CNBC.“We are eager to bring this type of ad format to our advertisers,”  “We think that this has great interest from the businesses and brands we work with. This wasn’t intended as a copy. We always monetize areas where there is growth in consumer demand.”

A demonstration of the new offering showed how the ads appear as users scroll through their Instagram Stories, and how they look and behave very much like a regular video story, except for the fact that they come with a brand name attached. Like any Instagram Story, they are short videos that run full-screen and can be liked, commented on, and shared.In a report said that there are arround 70% of the users are of business and busineses have been most viewed instagram stories.

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