One can’t simply deny the fact that Russian game developers certainly know how to produce quality content for a game. One of such development studios is Mono Studio which has released a new trailer for their upcoming title “INSOMNIA: The Ark.”

169628810 INSOMNIA: The Ark   Dystopian World trailer revealed by MONO

Dystopian World

Titled as “Dystopian World,” the trailer provides an overview of the content of the game.

Based around a retro-futuristic space station named Object 6, the title INSOMNIA: The Ark revolved around a plot in which the entire station has been tasked to find humanities’ new home.

The BGM has also been selected carefully, based on a Russian upbeat jazz song. The English translation of the lyrics goes like:

With our full crew on board, with our one motor gone, we can still carry on.


The title INSOMNIA: The Ark will be released for PC, Mac, and Linux in Q3 or Q4 of this year.

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