Game publishers have announced “More space on the disk” as one of their biggest demands as far as the newer games are concerned. As a secondary demand, a beefier pair of CPU and GPU is also raised. Why? Well, the performance bar for the new games has been raised up to a whole new level.

1200px Xbox console Game publishing studios are demanding more disk space in the upcoming console models!

It is a common problem reported by most of the console gamers that lower disk space is the most frustrating thing they experience. Assuming games like Halo 5 which sizes over 90GB, one gets a clear idea of where the modern gaming is headed.

2K Games exec Mark Little expressed his views in the following words:

Literally, having Blu-rays as our media is challenging, because the advent of 4K gaming means everything is getting better and bigger and bigger, and we try to add more content every year. One of the challenges we have every year is how do we try to fit everything on to a blu-ray, and then how do you load it fast enough, because you’re literally talking 50GBs of data. It seems like a funny problem to have, but it is one of those challenges we face, and we talk to the hardware guys about it and they’re like, ‘yeah, that’s hard’.

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