Recently, The Samsung offers the new app for their users. The name of the app is In-Traffic Reply. This app is really helpful in the driving. We all know that distracting in device is the biggest problem in every country. it is the dangerous for any one who diving the road.

In Traffic Reply App main 1.0 In Traffic Reply: Samsung Upcoming New App For Their User

However, this is designed for help the people who using mobile phones when they are drive, because many incident are related to the smartphone in driving. This app is help to avoid the calls and messages automatically when they driving and biking and sending the recent replies when in motion. This Samsung app is really amazing and helping for their users.

%name In Traffic Reply: Samsung Upcoming New App For Their User

Samsung says:

In-Traffic Reply relies on the phones GPS sensor to figure out when you’re driving at which point calls and texts will be automatically responded to with either a default reply of “I’m driving, so I cannot answer at the moment,” an animated image, or a custom message.

So, one thing should be clear the Samsung hasn’t said about the app how exactly that will work if you are in driving but functionally in some condition it manually turn off automatically.

This app will be roll out in May to the play store. So, wait and watch soon.


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