Facebook is pushing to sell the ads for a pharmaceutical industry in thus June. The Facebook advertises for the Summit that aims about health. The initiative of the advertisement run by Google Director Meredith Guerriero with his team and the advertisement known as “Facebook Health.”

According to the cnbc report, a meeting is expected in the first week of June, the aim of this meeting is to gearing up the marketers to socialize the pharmaceutical industry. At this meeting the other pharmaceutical and health leaders are also mandatory.

Facebook unveils tweaks for its health program, that will give a platform for the pharmaceutical companies to ads about the products. Moreover, the Facebook team of this project also focuses on the mobile video for the advertisements.


facebook advertising In this summer, Facebook forced to sell advertisement for pharmaceutical companies


Guerriero meeting with a marketer Carey Reynolds and drug maker Allergan is expected in this June. The leaders will make discussions about how the pharma companies can work with Facebook for the “stronger connections between patients”. According to the report,

“Google and Twitter hired large teams to work with pharmaceutical companies on ad campaigns, but Facebook hasn’t had a real seat at the table until the past year”

In the US, rules and regulations are strict on advertising pharma products publicly. The pharma company target to the users that liked the Advocacy page or specific to the one demographic variable. However, the Facebook is not concerned to target the users that are suffering from specific diseases. The source report stated:

“But it would not be allowed to target ads to specific people based on a disease that Facebook knows or suspects they have.”

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the industry that last shift to advertise on social media. The industry is less spending on the TV commercials or other advertisement tools. According to the report, from 2016 to at this point, the industry overall spends $1.64 billion on mobile and online advertising and the researcher expected the amount will increase to $2.55 billion at the end of year 2019.

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