Before fixing any problem you need to know about every detail of the product. So first we will talk about what is Gear VR web browser.

Gear VR web browser

  •  Samsung Internet for Gear VR is an app which you can download from  Oculus store
  • It’s an app you download from Oculus store and work with only selected Samsung devices.
  • It is a cool app which let us do web browsing and watch online videos.
  • Its beta version is now at stores.

gear vr supreme vr How You Can Fix Gear VR Web Browser

Samsung has launched a beta version of Samsung Internet for Gear VR. It’s actually a web browser in virtual reality. This new browser is basically on the idea that users will no longer be required the specific app to get access to data from the internet  which on the other hand we can get content from a website for example videos from YouTube.’

For the search, you need to enter some input text, Samsung Gear VR application supports both by voice recognition and also you can add text from the on-screen keyboard. And because “Gaze Mode” is supported by this app, from just gazing at menus which we want to select. From the mobile web browser, you are also able to import bookmarks to a Bookmarks and Tab Manager and Bookmarks too from this app.

But with all the benefits there are some problems like on-screen keyboard get stuck, this bug is very frustrating for the users. But this can be fixed which can make your app in the good position again and you can enjoy Gear VR in less than a minute. This problem mostly comes when in your mobile there is no Google app installed. So that means to use Samsung internet app we require google browser so the app can work properly. So if any problem comes then just install Google app.

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Step by step instructions

  1. Remove your phone from the Gear VR headset
  2. Go to the Play Store
  3. Download and install the Google app
  4. Restart the Oculus app