Here are some important aspects of a cell phone that make it perfect:

Peoples wants to know about the rating of a cell phone before buying it and they also want to know about the aspect of the smartphone, So that’s why then we put up a poll you have voted hundreds so the rest of the votes are presenting. So in this poll voters were allowed to vote or choose the more than one feature of the smartphone. So there were 650 votes In the result the priority of the smartphone users of Android readers is Battery life.

Battery life of the phone:

Most of the people vote for the battery life of the smartphone. The rating of this category is 67% of voters are Agreed that the important thing in the smartphone is battery life. This is a true thing that everyone in these days does not easily carry a charging cable or portable charger with it, even if we talk about the fast charger. The fast charger doesn’t help to provide the all-day battery backup. The top comment on the poll is the “Removable battery, Not just battery life”

battery charge section Here are some important aspects of a cell phone that make it perfect
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Performance of the phone:

The second most important factor in the smartphone is the Performance of the phone.The 61% voters voted that after the battery life the most important aspect is the performance of the smartphone because we all want the most powerful and efficient smartphone that gives a result very smoothly and fast. For those who opened multi-task at the same time and use many applications at the same time and if we talk about the games, They need better timing as well as the best performance to control the games.

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performance philanthropy1 Here are some important aspects of a cell phone that make it perfect
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Important Priorities:

After the important aspects of the smartphones the other important priorities of the smartphones mentioned are the rating of the votes after the battery life and the performance of the smartphone, 30 to 40% of the vote poll for the software of the cell phone, price of the cell phone display, the screen size of the cell phone, also the rear and secondary Camera on the cell phone and its design. 10 to 17% votes polled for the special features and audio quality of the cell phones.