With efficient and better performing PC hardware getting rolled out, those that display an affinity towards the Mini-ITX system- manufacturers will finally be able to start giving the priorities. ZOTAC is considered to be one of those GPU manufacturers that announced the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Mini. for those who are not aware of is actually the world’s first GPU dedicated to the Mini-ITX form factor chassis that runs the GP104 GPU in all its glory. Now let us dive in to get to know about the company, managed to piece together the most powerful graphic card based on consumer from NVIDIA in a miniature form of factors. About GPU, not the most impressive thing is the miniature factor. But did not compromise on the level of performance that the GPU would be able to deliver.As stated above, the GTX 1080 Mini is based on the GP104 GPU, which comprises up of 2560 Cuda Cores coupled with 160 texture units and 64 ROPs.

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Compared to Reference NVIDIA GTX 1080 Graphic Card, ZOTAC GTX 1080 Mini Runs At Higher Frequencies

This version has its GPU clock speed running at a frequency of 1620MHz, while the Boost clock speed is set at 1759MHz. Like different GTX 1080 versions, this graphics card is also equipped with 8GB GDDR5X memory, which pretty much means that you will be able to experience the same level of performance from titles being played at 4K resolutions as the larger variants of the same graphics card. ZOTAC’s miniature graphics card also offers users a wide range of connectors, which have been listed as follows:

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Despite of, we don’t know whether ZOTAC utilized the same 5+1 stage VRM configuration that is available on various GTX 1080 models. Typically a modification of the PCB requires a few changes to be made, yet we’ll see that out once the teardown procedure of the card begins. Still, there is a 8-stick control connector, implying that the maker won’t not have changed the quantity of stages in the VRM outline all things considered. Next up is the GTX 1080 Mini’s TDP, which is appraised at 180W. For scattering heat adequately, ZOTAC utilized three thick copper heatpipes in addition to two fans. There is additionally a backplate included to convey additional auxiliary uprightness to the item.

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Evaluating and accessibility points of interest are right now left oblivious, however it is conceivable that ZOTAC means on estimating it higher contrasted with NVIDIA’s reference outlines on record that it is a totally unique illustrations card focused to an alternate gathering of shoppers. What is your interpretation of the most recent GTX 1080 variation? Tell us your contemplation immediately.